Actual Career Path

It’s been a long time when I read all the things I wrote in my last year I was amazed by one thing:

This career path changes a lot.

Since my firsts moments as Freelance Front End Developer, I started to get interested in HTML and CSS3. Then a couple of months later Javascript (only JQuery, easy one hahaha). After, I switch to themes (WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr). Always exposing me to different landscapes trying to pick one fits me, and where I learned a lot. I wasn’t a super Pro doing that but my curiosity was less until I reached for the first time Back-End Development.

Using PHP (Symfony 2.8 framework), I discover a side from programming deeper. I was astonished by all stuff from that side. But, a different language to communicate, not using the design, was discovered in front of me…


At the very beginning, that will be my weak point: be a designer. For my luck, I had on my side designers who don’t like to code. Pure designers, I materialize their designs into code: that’s perfect. I learned a lot from them how to have a little style on that.

I decided to name myself as: ‘the front-end developer who don’t know how to design’. But I have another creativity side from me (music, creative writing…), but not on that.

I wanted to know more about frameworks, how to create more interesting things on Front, then. BOOOM. Server-side hits again.

And on and on and on…

The career path hit me to different ‘highways’, with a lot to understand and work with. In this career the less you can do on your early stage, in my opinion, is close to one thing. Because you need to know yourself. On different environments and techniques and discover which fits with your personality. I did that on my firsts 6 months of working as a Freelancer, but when I open my mind to all stuff is going on: Eureka!!

Sometimes is hard to not get stuck in an interminable spiral of knowledge and new things to meet.

I never closed that door.

On my career path since I begin I did this changes:

  1. Front End → HTML5 CSS3 Javascript (Jquery) Tumblr Joomla
  2. Back End + Front End → PHP (Symfony2) MySQL + HTML5 CSS3 Javascript (Jquery) WordPress [Not a Full Stack different projects different side tasks]
  3. Full Stack → PHP (Symfony2) MySQL Go NodeJS + HTML5 CSS3 Javascript (Jquery) WordPress AngularJS ReactJS Drupal
  4. Back End → PHP (Symfony3) MySQL PHPUnit Composer
  5. ???

But always willing to learn on each stage those things:

  1. WordPress
  2. NodeJS AngularJS
  3. Go deep on NodeJS
  4. NodeJS Go
  5. ???

As you see always we need to keep our mind involved in the things we desired every year/season/project. If you have the ability, switch between frameworks or languages. It will be easy to switch between projects.

Nowadays my career path is going more into an ‘only code’ side, more than ever. I discover the Back End side and DevOps. Afraid to make the step to get into DevOps, I want to keep myself training so hard Back and Front End. I still can work and defend strongly on all the techniques I been working on several projects.

But code workflow… It will be another subject.

Nowadays I’m interested a lot in Golang, but my top priority is to evolve to a very good PHP back-end developer. On the third position is NodeJS, something every year I was willing to go in deep.

I’ll be keeping update this blog once per week, I’ll only explain things happen on my career path. Focus on my dreams and projects outside the normal work I do as a developer.

If you want to know more, please follow me on Twitter, and you will see my everyday things and passions.

May passion be with you
Stay cool, Stay on code