Back to Origins, new position ^^

Back to Origins, new position ^^

A while ago last year I found myself introducing on the real serious developer career progress immersed into a Start-up.

There I found several good things from start in my career and good teachers as good advice from the industry.

Then nowadays since July, I started in a new position that takes a lot of common things from that first approach to ‘serialize’ my developer career.

Fist of all are the techs are on that project: Symfony for a back-end API.

I started migrating a PHP API resource into a Symfony 2.3 environment. Great teaching and more experience about the Back End Side, but now this application is completely built in Symfony 2.8 and takes all from that framework (bundles, functions…), but the thing is to create a Restful API for all endpoint and the version for the front using VueJS.

Exciting and the same time empowering myself to build better apps and API form the ground.

I use PHPStorm as IDE, working fully with more developer work environment. Just command line and no front on it. First time using TDD workflow for all tasks.

Learning from the ground PHPUnit working inside Symfony.

Aside I’m taking some courses from KnPUniversity to get more strong Symfony experience and how to handle it perfectly to new levels.

But I never forget my legacy and my path, aside from this I have open projects and new ideas for Apps using Javascript as my main language. Staying sharp taking freecodecamp developer course and practicing a lot more.

Never stop, always code