Garden Eight has done it again

Garden Eight has done it again

Since the last time I write about them, Garden Eight have been working hard over the last 6 months (since I disconnected from the networks to focus on my career).

Shortly after reconnecting on my Twitter I realized that Hiroki Noma (Garden Eight CEO) had shared an award and that filled me with pride, since the wake of Letters Inc. is still strong and this new team is demonstrating that it is growing a lot in the field of design. A few days ago the website cssdesignawards awarded them the DOTY Special Kudos award within the top 10 studies.

Garden Eight Award Sample

But right now you’ll have another question in your head…

Why do I write about this Studio if I am not working with them?

All this support begins when I discovered Letters Inc., when I was a Front-End developer and wanted to learn about studies that had an impressive visual impact to learn from them. I discovered the project of Kenji Endo (DJ, Musical Producer) and discovered the studio that made such a website show. I started researching the team and contacted the CEO (Hiroki Noma) to congratulate him on the work they were doing then.

In July Letters Inc. ends their career… but Hiroki told me he had an ace up his sleeve, was riding something in the shadows, told me a little bit about it and then dropped the bomb:

Garden Eight

People who were at Letters Inc. are still attached and have also increased the equipment to this piece of studio. Very impressive where you can discover all his exploits and works on his impressive website.

Simply that:

  • Followed them on digital social media.
  • I took digital contact with some ex-Letters Inc. and followed their path.
  • I was watching all theirs steps from their online accounts.
  • And I admire them so much for all that way.

The basis of growth, evolution see as someone who starts a path and igue it blindly until reaching small goals but never stop, so I intuit is his philosophy.

I don’t expect anything from the other world with this gesture, just learning from observe.

Besides, right now I am working with my Back-End side and the Front-End I have it with a sufficient base to be able to defend myself and become a Full-Stack. They are like my friends, acquaintances, colleagues and fellow professionals.

Full of pride, from here:

Hiroki and all the Garden Eight team CONGRATULATIONS!!

Stay strong and grow!