I’m back here again :)

It’s been a long time since the last post that I decided to switch laptops. Since I made that change I began to focus very severely on my career, I have an endless need to want to grow many, it’s like a need… like blood to the vampire.

At the end of last year, I had a move but this time in a small flat in the center of Barcelona. Small, cozy and with a lot of creative power inside.

These days I’ve read the posts I wrote last year and it’s only taken me six months to realize my change of script in my life.

For now to introduce myself as Back-End Carl.

If as you read, these 6 months I have been so strongly attached to this side of web/apps development that I feel at home, very comfortable and happy. Interested in everything relevant to this development craze since I started at’ Scanloteria‘ I thought I would never get a job again and Limeon Technologies wanted to give me a chance.

The technologies that I started in the past have focused and evolved to these:

  • PHP 7.1 (formerly PHP 5.6)
  • Symfony 3.3 -> 3.4 (formerly Symfony 2.8)
  • Composer
  • SQL
  • Git
  • Algorithms and troubleshooting within servers
  • SSH
  • Deployment via SSH
  • PHPUnit
  • API design and code

I haven’t forgotten the front with Vyretrux and some hard work inside Limeon I’ve been able to continue with that pace of development. But right now for me, the appeal is in the Back-End.

They made me responsible for the migration of the Symfony 2.8 to 3.3 platform and at the same time that I also made the migration to PHP 7.1 of our working environments.

On the other hand, this time working with Ubuntu Linux has given me a lot of mental openness and comfort with my working environment. Sometimes it gets a little heavy to be able to find a program that complies with the same functionalities that I had in a window but if the experience is very rewarding.

Soon I will be teaching and sharing images on my twitter of everything that happens to me in my career as a programmer like my tastes (comic, food). In addition to providing a lot of information that I find interesting about programming.

Right now I’m almost at the end of a new version of the Vyretrux website, with a new designer redesign and new technologies (PHP without JS).

Next goals for 2018 in my career as a developer:

  • Make me a solid foundation in front-end to broaden my knowledge so I can help more in that part.
  • Get very involved in everything related to Back-End.
  • Improve HTML and update me (up to 5.2)
  • Improve in CSS and SASS
  • Improve in JS (ES6, ES7 and almost ES8)
  • Improve PHP for a server (7.1 onwards)
  • Learn in-depth about NodeJS and the possibilities within the server
  • Learn as my next language Golang (I was already working with him last year and I’m going to go deeper into it)

Upcoming objectives for this year personally:

  • Travel to Japan.
  • Set up some online business.
  • Meet many people from all over the world.

I have much to learn and a lot of work ahead of me, with many projects and more and more security on my way into this vast and infinite world of development.

A huge greeting and we read each other