Mid Year Review

For some, a blog is a daily responsibility.

For others it is a hobby.

But there are many of us who for us is like a time machine, where we read the past and balance everything that has happened.

And here I am another year to explain all this past year and everything I wish for my future.

Past is past

Right now we are in 2019 and since my last review on my way as a programmer I feel that many things have happened but not so many. What I have the perception of my growth as a very sensitive developer and I notice that I am learning a lot in a short time.

I was, and still am, working hard as a Freelance for a project that was growing more and more. And it didn’t stop growing, and the difficulty increased (and continues to increase). But all of that doesn’t scare me and motivates me much more. I went through a bad time that was about to burn me (that ended a few days only) but I took a month to go on a trip where I went to Colombia and disconnect from everything, broaden horizons and try a lot of new cuisine.

Apart from that Vyretrux got his demo and now I’m a little ‘free’ from them. Now they are very well on their way with the demo presenting it everywhere.

I made a decision recently, and because circumstances forced me, to be an employee of the company where they work the project where I’ve been working hard with them for almost 2 years. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a good step or if it’s a step backwards, from a professional point of view. I don’t like to close myself to future opportunities but I feel very involved and fortunate within the team and deep down I know it’s a good step. Still, I’m satisfied with that decision, with the team and the enormous effort they are making to grow little by little.

As a programmer, PHP as Back End Developer 100%, I hardly do Front things anymore (I find it missing and outdated at the same time). I’m very serious about Symfony and recently learning DevOps.

I can’t tell you much more about where I am now but the truth is that I’m happy and my motivation remains latent.

Present is here

Here and now I had many plans for the past, but even so I have them in the depths of my soul. One of them is the one I’ve got the most in me, the one to go to Japan.

It’s something that every day I keep thinking that my time to go there will come soon, but I don’t look forward to it either, I just know that I need to prepare and be very strong (sounds like an excuse but it’s not like that).

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone that I have contact with through my Twitter, get to know each other and see how everything there is cooked in the first person. A big greeting to all.


The truth is that right now I am in a stage that more than studying to learn better the theory of programming I am very full with methods to make my work faster and more effective, the technique. Becoming more productive and agile is being a bit expensive because of my past as a programmer and in my previous projects, but now I will continue to overcome that barrier in very creative ways.

I’m also doing a lot of research on cryptocurrencies. I’m seeing how the market moves, what possibilities there are for the future and that many paths can be opened.

I am also outlining a little what will be my next step in my life, not only at the level of programmer but as a businessman, entrepreneur or partner.

The truth is that I leave this written to certify that I am in a time of great changes where sometimes there are days that I can with all and not others, I notice that will approach a great change within me and I’m beginning to glimpse everything.

Greetings to all,

Keep going!