My Ubuntu Set-Up

My Ubuntu Set-Up

Today I’m gonna show you my setup for my Ubuntu laptop since I began with him 6 months ago.

We before I write about it I did an update for the OS to 17.04 and 2 months ago I did the same to 17.10, but I did a big fail. I didn’t check the problems can happen in a non-LTS Ubuntu version to my computer, and then with this decision, I learn it…

I did a rollback to 16.04 LTS and I’ll update when Ubuntu release next LTS version (18.04 on April 2018). Now it is on version 16.04.04 LTS and it’s great.

In the beginning, I get a lot of problems with permission for folders and files. I correct setup and I’m doing stuff on my command line. Don’t be afraid, if you are one of those who doesn’t like a command line. The commands I do is only for server stuff and for my developer environments I want to create. There’s a lot of Interfaces to guide you through everything in Ubuntu, don’t be afraid.

I spend time researching on the net. There’s a dedicated stack overflow for Ubuntu, and it helps a lot. But now I’m getting comfortable, learn at the beginning.

Then I started to install and configure all the stuff I needed for my environments. The programs I use now are:

  • PhpStorm for my work at Limeon (Symfony 3.3, PHPUnit, PHP7, MySQL), Text-Editor
  • Visual Studio Code (for my other developments (NodeJS, Go), Text-Editor Favorite
  • DBeaver (is like MySQL Workbench but more open to other formats)
  • Postman (to test all the endpoints I create in a straight way)

And I configured a bunch of things here from scratch:

  • NodeJS + NPM, JavaScript full-stack framework with it’s package manager
  • PHP 7.1
  • Composer, PHP package Manager
  • Git, for all my repositories
  • Curl, to do ssh and more API testing from command line

For my local testings for PHP I installed this packages:

  • Apache2, to my local environment but I’m thinking to move into Nginx or something better config, very soon…
  • MySQL, for local DB
  • MongoDB, for local DB

And some extras for work or my own creations. On this case, I installed and created local Elastic search server.

I learn a lot since 6 months ago to be more comfortable in this environment. More confident with Back-End and more approach to the server side. This makes me a huge step, even for the hardware side because my old laptop was dying, slow pain…

Don’t be shy, when you jump off you conform zone. Sometimes is good to take some risks. Because in very deep, you know you can succeed if you give that extra courage when you on it. I did this step knowing all my limits, then I jump in (I have more topics to do with this style).

This is my normal posts on this blog, as my career diary. Very soon I will add into my next version for this blog unite with my short presentation website.

Being only a developer who doesn’t design is harder to do a good website. But I will do it!!!

Let’s do it!!