New Laptop, New Enviroment

New Laptop, New Enviroment

As I said in my previous post, sometimes you have to know how to’ surrender’ and be willing to make a very beastly change in order to acquire more knowledge in a very short time.

In my case, it all started with my change of laptop, apart from the hardware I had already thought for a long time thinking about making the jump to some Linux OS.

About 3 years ago I was trying to work in a new environment, I tried MacOS and I didn’t like it at all, then came Fedora Linux and the thing changed for the better.

I felt comfortable working with him and also felt that I was using an OS developed by other developers fascinated me, besides being completely free.

After all experience, I wanted to go back to Windows until this last version (10) and then came the day that if or if I should change OS to follow my development as a developer in the global field (almost like Computer Science).

Ubuntu was my choice.

Right now I’ve been working with Dell XPS 13 9360 for a week and I’m very happy.

I tried to start adapting to the change as soon as I wanted to look for Linux alternatives of the programs I used in Windows and I found all of them even improved.

In terms of performance and speed for me, there is no color, it’s a fast pass, now I have no excuse to follow my growth process at double speed.

Hardware features:

  • Intel Core i7
  • 16Gb RAM
  • 512Gb SSD

And with Ubuntu 16.04 SP1 that today I updated it to 17.04

Enjoying a lot and each learning a lot more about the’ profession’ of a developer in all its wide range of possibilities.

I’m really looking forward to starting and continuing with all the projects and giving folders to the old ones.

That Unix/Linux is with you,