WORKS Vyretrux Website / 1214 Landing v1.0

WORKS Vyretrux Website / 1214 Landing v1.0

Website: Vyretrux Website // 1214 Landing
Version: 1.0
Updates: Re-Design, Website Sections, AngularJS total implement (available in Spanish and English) in both sites. Server Side in PHP and in DB MySQL. All made from scratch.
Description: The first ‘solid’ Official Website for this Games Dev Agency and their current available game ‘1214’. They are from Madrid they have been released an Alpha 2 from their upcoming Psycho-horror game ‘1214’. They have restructured the team members, including me as their official ‘Web Developer’.
Role: Full Stack Developer (Code)
Design: Without a designer, we used Materializecss and all the ideas from all Vyretrux Members.
Technologies Used:
HTML 5 – CSS 3
MaterializeCss 0.97.8 UPD
JQuery 3.1.1 UPD
AngularJS 1.6.1 UPD (angular-materializecss, ngRoute, ngSanitize, ngResource)


Database: MySQL NEWIf you found any bug or error please write me at xarlyblack ( a ) gmail ( dot ) com
Thanks in advance,